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  The daily beast had a long post about the Cain marriage. No doubt Gloria has had her share of heartache in their 43 years of marriage. My heart goes out to her and I sincerely hope she learned about Ginger White's 13 year affair with her husband before it became national news.

I have to admit that Ginger's confession was refreshingly honest. I like a woman who can admit to a strictly sexual affair, although it's a shame that others got hurt in the process.  Of course, she hadn't made any vows to Gloria Cain. And evidently there are an infinite number of people who could come forward with sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain.

 Infinite. Hmmm. That's a lot of groping.

According to CBS news, when asked by the New Hampshire Union Leader if he would drop out of the race if Gloria asked him to he said,"Yes. But my wife wouldn't ask me to get out. She wouldn't ask me to get out. I would make a decision based upon how all of this stuff is affecting her. Because I will put her first. But she is not the type to say: you ought to get out."

I wonder if she'll say it to herself.

So Cain has stepped down and another serial adulterer, Newt Gingrich, has stepped up to fill his shoes. It's a crazy world. All I can say is, don't marry a politician.