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Bats in the Boathouse Press has a new release - Midnight Supper at the Rise and Shine.

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Delightful Novel!

By K. Branfield TOP 1000 REVIEWER on June 11, 2015Format: Kindle Edition

Midnight Supper at the Rise and Shine by Tara Woolpy is a delightfully charming novel set in the fictional town of Lacland. This heartwarming and thought-provoking story features a loving and supportive family whose daily lives are tightly intertwined both professionally and personally.

After her husband Greg’s death, Irene Sato gave up her career as an opera singer and moved back to her small hometown with her son Adam. Although she has been widowed for twenty-four years, she has never been in another serious relationship and much to her family’s dismay, she is currently having an affair with a married man. Irene works long hours in the family owned dinner and she spends her weekends playing in her brother-in-law’s cover band. When Adam begins asking questions about the father he never knew, she slowly begins to realize that she has never really recovered from his death. And as if her life does not have enough complications, she cannot seem to keep her distance from newcomer Mark Redfield. Irene is uncomfortable with his disability and she has a few misconceptions about him that keep her off balance as they get to know one another.

Irene is a complex and sympathetic protagonist. She is refreshingly direct although she is sometimes a little too candid when she is talking to Mark (even though he does not seem to mind). Despite her outspokenness, Irene has a difficult time discussing her marriage and answering Adam’s questions about Greg is difficult for her and their discussions bring her unresolved emotions to the surface. Equally troubling is her propensity for choosing unavailable men and Irene is becoming increasingly ashamed about her current affair. Her friendship with Mark is a bit of a turning point for her and as she begins to open up to him, Irene finally begins to heal.

One of the best aspects of the novel is the strong family bond between Irene and her extended family. The family not only works together but they live together as well. While they do not always agree with one another’s decisions, they are always there for each other. The family is extremely close and everyone is very honest and open about what is going on in their lives. Their love and support for one another is unwavering and this helps them get through whatever life throws their way.

Midnight Supper at the Rise and Shine by Tara Woolpy is an engaging novel with an appealing cast of multi-dimensional characters. The storyline is quite compelling and touches on relevant social issues in a sensitive, thought-provoking manner. An absolutely wonderful story that I absolutely loved and highly recommend.

I received a complimentary copy for review.

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4.5 ****

By Yankeelin on June 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

A fun, engrossing read. It's a novel about a multi-cultural family that not only works together in a family diner, but also lives in the same building....and they do it well!.
The book deals with several current issues within the storyline - disablilty, homosexuality,pre-conceived judgements and hate groups, but not so that these issues are overbearing. (the author blends them into well written scenes) Instead you'll read about what makes up 'family'...the ties that bind, and how it IS possible to move on- as a group and individually.
Irene is the central character, a widow who is so incredibly realistic that she jumps out of the pages! You'll want to eat at the Rise and Shine cafe' and you will DEFINTELY want Irene as a pal.